Top 2 Reasons to Implement CIS Control 12

It’s far too easy to unintentionally skip out on implementing key CIS Controls. When unaware of the ways in which these controls can add layers to your security people lack prioritizing the implementation of these controls.

CIS Control 12- Detects, prevents, and corrects the flow of information transferring networks of different trust levels with a focus on security-damaging data.

Sounds important, but how exactly can this help protect your cyber security?

Here are two reasons, according to CIS Security why implementing CIS Control 12 is a necessity-

  1. Implementing Control 12 helps to deny communications with known malicious or unused Internet IP addresses. Consequently, limiting access to only trusted an necessary IP address ranges at each organization’s network boundaries.
  2. Implementing this control additionally helps to deploy network-based Intrusion Detection Systems sensors. This detects unusual attack mechanisms and compromises of systems at each of the organization’s network boundaries.

Implementing all CIS Controls and any measure to advance your security is critical, but CIS Control 12 is specifically important due to the fact that cybercriminals focus and target exploiting any and all types of systems across the internet that they find their way into. This means that no one is safe without taking the necessary security steps in protecting themselves.

Business partner networks are specifically at risk. If one the attacker has access to one organizations network, they are able to gain access to the partner network, and consequently exploit vulnerable networks onto the system. CIS Control 12 helps to detect and prevent, and then correct when needed, information transferring networks.

In the technology world with many forms of wireless technologies, boundaries and security  between internal and external networks are crossing more and more over one another. Which is why it is so critical that the steps to secure yourself and your company when an attacker attempts to gain further access into a network, once they have already gained initial access.

By implementing multiple layers of security defenses, such as CIS Control 12, you reduce the chances of falling victim to these scenarios.

Are you tired of hearing the necessary security measures you need to be taking but feeling like your IT company isn’t proactively taking them? Do you feel like you have an unresponsive and unreliable IT department?

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November 19th, 2019 |Categories: CIS Controls, Cybersecurity, CIS Control 12

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