The Reason IT Still Isn't at the Leadership Table

Business leaders- take a minute and ask yourself this question:

Could my company be without our technology, computers, internet, files or software for an extended period of time?”

More than likely, your answer is no. In our fast-pace, technology world- very few businesses could answer “yes” to that question.

We often hear business leaders marginalize technology and the cyber threat. They recognize that technology is important to their business and the ability to operate, but they may not fully see the value it can bring to the business. Technology is too often viewed as a necessity to operate, rather than seeing technology as a critical component that can be leveraged to create better business outcomes.

Technology can be a headache- you need it and when it doesn’t work the way it’s suppose to, it’s frustrating. As a business leader, the frustration of when it doesn’t work and the risk associated with cyber threats, can overshadow the possibilities it can create for your business.

The answer to the threat of cyberspace is not just technology. Technology is just a part of it. The answer is actually treating technology like the critical component to your business that it is.

It is time to start talking about and engaging with technology at the board/leadership level. It is time to start planning for technology, like you plan for your business.

We hear business owners say they want two things from their IT provider:

  1. Fewer problems and fast resolutions.
  2. Keep them safe from cyber threats.

Don’t get us wrong- those two pieces are vital. At The IT Company we are passionate about helping you have less issues and helping you become a hard target for cyber criminals. But we are also passionate about helping your business succeed. Your IT provider should be talking to you about how to leverage your technology so you can have more efficiency and how to utilize your technology to be an even better business.

Stop believing that your company is too small or doesn’t have enough sensitive data to be a target. Stop believing that having two-factor authentication turned on and having antivirus is enough to protect you. Stop believing it won’t happen to you.

As a business leader, it is your business on the line. Your money, your company’s reputation, your employees livelihoods, and so much more. You have a moral obligation to protect your business, employees, suppliers, customers and community. You are part of all of these.

Which means you need to be talking about IT at the leadership level.

Technology is not going away, and neither are the cyber criminals. Instead of viewing technology as a headache or something you have to have to operate, start reframing how technology is viewed and start talking about how you can leverage your technology to achieve better business outcomes. It starts with you. It starts at the leadership level.

October 1st, 2021

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