Selling in the Midst of Crisis

It’s no secret that sales professionals are feeling the heat from the impacts COVID-19 have, and will continue to have, on the sales industry.

As the world is facing social and economic crisis, what does that look like for sales professionals as individuals and for their businesses? The IT Company’s Business Development Manager, Kenneth Herring, joined three other local experts to discuss selling in the midst of the pandemic.

Kenneth Herring, Brandon Bruce, Andrew King and Joe Storch focused in on what they as sales professionals are doing in order to continue being successful as the business world continues to navigate the unknowns of the pandemic.

All four agreed that one of the biggest challenges sales professionals are facing is simply if they have a job. The slowdown of the business world has had a lot of negative impacts leaving employees- not just in sales positions- losing their job or being furloughed. So first and foremost, the challenge many sales professionals are facing is whether or not they still have work.

But if they do still hold their position, they face the challenge of navigating how to creatively pivot in ways that allow them to continue selling, but sell differently.

In times of crisis, people look for who they can trust and rely on. During this crisis, sales professionals have the opportunity to convey what differentiates  their company from others and what they stand for. There’s a need for relational value right now, not just transactional selling. Finding connections with both prospects and customers is so valuable in creating those relational connections. Taking it further than just how your service will benefit them, but truly connecting with them. Everyone in the country is in a similar boat, facing unknowns and fears, so creating relatable connections is easy.

In order for businesses to continue succeeding, there are services they continue to need. Sales professionals can stop the “play book” of what they were doing before, but readapt their message to how they are adapting to the current situation, acknowledge what is happening and how it effects the business they are talking to and what their service is doing in the midst of this crisis to relieve pressure points for that business.

There is opportunity in this crisis. Everyone has had to pivot and refocus their business, but now we are deep enough into the crisis for everyone to recognize how things are changing. Business leaders are having to look at those changes and address what their new normal is. As a sales professional, you must be willing and eager to have conversations with prospects and customers about what their new normal looks like and how they can support them through the changes.

Not only are sales professionals in a position where they must navigate how to make changes that allow them to continue to sell, but they also must focus on walking alongside current customers. As a sales professional, it may be important reset your metrics. Focus not just on adding new logos, but saving current logos.

Even with taking all the proper steps to pivot and redirect your selling message, the reality is, a lot of businesses are hurting right now. Adding new services may not be an option for a lot of people. So as sales professionals, finding ways to stay top of mind throughout the pandemic, will benefit you in the future. Keeping in mind they may not be buying now, but will be one day, is crucial.

As with everything in the world right now, there is no boxed solution for selling in the midst of the pandemic. Continually finding ways to redirect the mindset behind your sales tactics while building connections and relationships throughout the pandemic will benefit your sales engine.

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July 28th, 2020 |Categories: 2020, Coronavirus, Blog Series, Small Businesses, Knoxville

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