Scam Alert!!

Be on the ALERT and don't be fooled by job scams:

Recently scammers from overseas have been impersonating persons from The IT Company in an effort to extort money and personally identifiable information. Details about the scam are below, in the mean time remember:
- The IT Company will NEVER contact anyone for a potential job via Gmail, Google Hangouts, etc
- The IT Company does not, and is not, hiring remote workers of any kind
- The IT Company will NEVER hire anyone without walking through our entire proprietary hiring process, which includes live, onsite interviews with our team and leadership

Scam Overview and Details:
An individual, or group of individuals, are trolling job boards and Craigslist impersonating IT Company hiring managers looking for individuals who are seeking employment. They then lure them in by telling them that they are interested in hiring them to perform remote work for our company. When the individual agrees to interview they ask them to switch to a Google Hangout, which is a chat system within Google apps. They then pretend to be a hiring manager, complete with pictures of our people, and utilizing a fake email called until the individual believes they have been hired. Once this is complete they then send the individual a fake check via a PDF that they ask to be deposited into the individuals bank account for which they will use the money to purchase supplies to do their job. The unsuspecting individual who follows this pattern is then asked to utilize the money immediately to purchase supplies by asking you to send the money to another banking account. This is how they extort money from them, as the check they sent via email is not real and no money will be deposited into the unsuspecting individuals account.

Links to similar scams: Job Offer Scam

We have had several individuals contact us, either suspecting it was a scam or thinking they had been hired. Be alert, and if someone attempts to contact you with a job offer in this manner please do the following:
- Report the scam to google if using a gmail account or google hangouts by going here:
- Report this to the FBI:

August 24th, 2017 |Categories: Cyber Crime, Scam, Fraud

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