Ransomware spreads like a virus in the cloud

The focus on exploitation never stops, and the hackers are always one step ahead. Today we were notified in an artcile from the folks at www.knowbe4.com of an obscure 2-year old ransomware strain called Virlock and its nasty feature:

It is capable of stealthily spreading itself via cloud storage and collaboration apps. That way just one infected user can unknowingly spread the infection further across your network.

So how does it work?

Ransomware normally spreads through email phishing attacks, exploit kits, removable drives or external network shares. However, Virlock is a weird family of ransomware that not only encrypts files but also converts them into a polymorphic file infector just like a virus. Apart from infecting the usual documents and image related files, it also infects binary files. Yikes.

Virlock has effectively weaponized every data file it encrypts, converting each one into a propagation vehicle for the malware itself

Read the full story from the folks at www.knowbe4.com.


October 5th, 2016 |Categories: virlock, Technology, netskope, Ransomware, Security, knowbe4.com

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