Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have been a large target for cyber criminals for many years. Recent studies are showing that while healthcare organizations continue to be a target for attacks, there is a downward trend in the number of attacks on the healthcare industry. This trend is seemingly positive news, but healthcare organizations (of all sizes) should not begin to falter in the way they are approaching security.

The IT Company is encouraging healthcare organizations to continue to increase their focus on enhancing their cyber security. Although the statistics have lowered, healthcare companies continue to be targeted because cyber criminals continue to have success with attacks on these companies. In a recent news article, researchers state “..the survey also reveals a continuous pattern of ransomware assaults on organizations in the healthcare sector, and that the industry hasn’t yet learned from its mistakes.”

Let’s work together to keep the number of attacks on the healthcare industry on a downward trend. By training, educating, and finding security solutions,  we can enhance security. Acknowledge the positivity of the downward trend but use it as a motivation to continue enhancing your cyber security. For more statistics on the number of attacks on the healthcare industry, click here!

January 16th, 2019 |Categories: Healthcare, Cyber Secure, Ransomware, Security

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