Protect Your Workplace from Cyber Attacks

It’s that time of the week again - National Cybersecurity Awareness Month blog post!

Last week we highlighted the fact that small businesses are becoming a bigger focus and a larger target for cyber attacks. This week we want to provide you with several resources and tips on how to protect your workplace from these malicious attacks.

No one wants to be the employee that accidentally opens a link that downloads malware onto their device. And no business wants to be the one that falls victim to a cyber attack. Recovering from an attack can be tedious and expensive. These attacks are not just dangerous, but they are frustrating. 

So how do you work to ensure that you aren’t that company? The bottom line is that it starts with education. By not only being familiar with information on cybersecurity as a business leader, but by sharing your knowledge with your employees, you build up a defense within your company. By widening your employeesknowledge, you empower your company as a whole. 

At The IT Company we suggest not only having discussions and training on the risks of cyberattacks, but also providing tools to prevent them. Updating employees when there is new information released, posting security tips on communication platforms, and continually touching base on the topic. Cyber criminals are continually improving themselves, which means we, as businesses, need to also continually improve our security. 

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security posted a list of tools to use to ensure you are taking the steps you need to protect your business. We highly suggest looking at this list and implementing these suggestions into your routine as a business leader. 

When it comes to cybersecurity, the power of education is so crucial that an entire month has been dedicated to educating people about the topic. Do not overlook the importance of learning and educating about cybersecurity!

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