National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Happy October! The month of October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. For the past 15 years, a month has been devoted to emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity. This year, we would like to be a part of raising this awareness! In addition to our weekly blogs, each week this month we will be posting a cybersecurity awareness blog.

In the Department of Homeland Security’s announcement highlighting National Cybersecurity Awareness Month for 2018, they described the theme of this month by stating: “Cybersecurity is our shared responsibility and we all must work together to improve our Nation's cybersecurity.”

We couldn’t agree more that we all must all work together to improve our nation’s cybersecurity. We feel The IT Company’s part in this is to share the information we find most beneficial to our readers. Our cybersecurity topics will range from why cyber criminals are starting to continually target small businesses, to how you can protect your workspace, to a variety of other important details regarding cybersecurity.

The Department of Homeland Security is dedicated to providing all people with the resources they need to better secure their networks. We at The IT Company are dedicated to being vessels in sharing these resources as well as our own knowledge. Join us for the entire month of October as we focus in on cybersecurity awareness.

October 1st, 2018 |Categories: Awareness, ncsam, Cybersecurity

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