Your Whole Network is Encrypted, Now What?

Your whole network is encrypted, including your Sharepoint and Teams data, now what do you do?  

While this is a terrible situation to be in, you should be prepared for this.  You have planned for this.  You have prepped for this.  You have run through test scenarios for this.  You are ready!  Unless you haven’t planned for this, you haven’t prepped for this, or ran through test scenarios to make sure your plan works.  

If you are prepared, responding to the above incident should look like this. 

  1. Initiate your Incident Response Plan (IRP) 
  2. Follow your Business Continuity Plan (BC) 
  3. Continue with your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) 

In the world we live in, one wrong click from the person who just started working at your company a few weeks ago (or any of your employees), and you could find yourself in this exact situation.  This could happen to any of you!  And if you do not have these plans in place, the impact of an event like Ransomware can cause to your company could be catastrophic.  

The average amount of downtime for Ransomware is believed to be around 16 days. Those are companies that DO NOT have a plan. The thought of your entire organization being down for over two weeks is scary, but having a plan in place can significantly shorten the amount of time you spend recovering. Spending time planning can save you time in the long run. 

 So, how do you get prepared? 

  1. Talk about this at a leadership level. 
  2. Spend the time and dollars to develop these plans 
  3. Practice.  Practice.  Practice.   

I know it sounds silly, but just sitting around a table and running through your plans is extremely beneficial. 

We can help.  Reach out to us if you have any questions, or if you are ready to start getting a game plan in place.  


July 27th, 2021

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