Let's Nix the I.T. Department...

You've likely heard it. You may have even entertained the idea at some point... "Let's nix the IT department".

Fun title, fun topic, engaging, controversial, maybe sensational. Is it the realistic? Most likely not... but maybe the conversation is what needs to be said to get folks to start seeing a new, better way for IT that actually delivers results.

There's three big things IT departments should be providing for a business in today's world.

  1. Work to reduce problems, issues, incidents.
  2. Protect the org, make the company a hard target, mitigate risk.
  3. Find ways to leverage the power of tech in the business to help achieve better outcomes for the business.

All of this wraps around planning, strategy and alignment.

The strongest and most effective IT departments are more than just an IT department. They know and understand as much (if not more) about the business, than what they know about technology. An IT Department can't do 1 - 3 without being "at the table" and working toward having a deep knowledge of your business.

The IT department will become obsolete without a new frame for how it operates- as a true service organization- partnering with all people, departments, leaders to do 1 - 3.

Nixing the IT department won't necessarily improve your business- however, reframing how the IT department plays into your organization can. 

March 18th, 2022

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