It's Time to Forget the Title 'MSP'

You've likely heard it said- 'Managed Service Provider.' 

But what even is an MSP? Is that even the correct name? Does is have any relevant meaning?

In short...the name is essentially meaningless. Because when anyone can title themselves an MSP, then no one actually is one.

The title 'MSP' has lost its value- it's old and overused. And truthfully, there is no governing or accreditation to validate the title. 

In Scott Huxley's recent article he wrote "Despite talking with many we all view the description, its costs, associated risks and results totally differently."

And he is spot on. 

When looking for an IT provider- don't look just for the title of MSP. Because the title has now gone from being an accurate description to a term vague in meaning.

Instead, start asking the questions to understand what an IT provider will do to lower the amount of tickets you need to create and the number of technical issues you experience. Start asking questions about how an IT provider will make you a hard target and what how they will help you recover in the circumstance of crisis. And start asking the questions about how an IT provider can help you leverage your technology to achieve better business outcomes. 

Huxley said it best: 'These days instead of being an "MSP". We find ourselves in the education and results business. Your job is to bring business value, to reduce cyber security risks and to speak with the client to find ways technology can really empower profit and growth.'

Forget about the term MSP. Find an IT provider who does the above. 


May 13th, 2022

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