Why Having an IT Provider and a Cyber Insurance Policy Go Hand in Hand

Are you navigating the best way to protect your business? Do you have a cyber insurance policy? Is your IT provider aiding your business in successful business outcomes?

Join The IT Company on Tuesday, October 20th from 12 to 1 P.M

Our CEO, Paul Sponcia, will be hosting a free webinar to help explain the importance of having both a reliable IT provider and a cyber insurance policy, and why they benefit your business simultaneously.

Andy Huddleston is an expert in cyber insurance. He currently works for Wyatt Insurance Services and will be leading discussion on the insurance side of things.

The webinar will be focusing primarily on:
  • What is included by a standard insurance policy.
  • The 3 main forms of coverages.
  • Typical cost of implementing a cyber insurance policy.
  • Examples of claims.
  • How having a robust IT provider works together with a cyber insurance policy.

Additionally, we will hold an open Q&A session to conclude the webinar.

Your security is essential to your business. It is crucial to be informed about the best ways to protect yourself and to implement measures to do so. We hope you join us in discussing the benefits of having an IT provider and a cyber insurance policy.

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