ATTENTION Healthcare Organizations

Did you know that 74% of healthcare organizations have been faced with a significant security incident within the past year?

With such a high number of cybersecurity incidents within healthcare, it leaves experts and IT companies wondering why healthcare is such a high target. While there are likely many reasons for the healthcare targeting, such as the valuable data they hold on their networks, a repeatedly common reason lies behind the fact that very few healthcare employees are receiving the imperative training they need.

A surprisingly small 5% of healthcare employees are receiving continual Cybersecurity Awareness Training.

This statistic is alarming and quite frankly, enough to make any IT Company that supports Healthcare businesses cringe. KnowBe4 recently shared a valuable report from a security vendor, Kaspersky, that “healthcare organizations are at high risk of cyberattack – and how a lack of training is responsible.”

Cybercriminals are often looking for specific information that they can use as a threat or an entry way. Among the information that they want, the data within a healthcare organization is exactly what these criminals are looking for. They can use this data within the healthcare organization to commit a number of crimes such as fraud, data theft and identity theft.

With knowledge of the sensitive data that these healthcare organizations hold on their systems, you would think that cybersecurity awareness training for their employees would be at the top of their priority list. Unfortunately, for many of these healthcare organizations, they are falling extremely short of the necessary cybersecurity awareness training they need to be continually providing their employees with.

Unfamiliar with what a cybersecurity awareness training program is?

Security Awareness Training (SAT) is  a program critical to minimizing the impact of the attacks being launched. SAT provides a way to train you and your staff to look out for and minimize these attacks, before it is too late.

The beauty of SAT is the simplicity; by increasing user’s levels of suspicion through ongoing simulation and training that isn’t intrusive or super time consuming. SAT teaches you how to be more suspicious by teaching you what to look out for and how to be more careful in what you view, install and download, and then what to do when these attacks are successful. It’s also critical to ensure the program that isn’t static, but one that matures and changes over time. This will, if done right, turn your work force into a suspicious unit that will stand watch over your data.

At The IT Company, healthcare is an industry we specialize in working with. We understand the unique needs and compliance requirements that a healthcare organization hold. Which is why we place a high emphasis on continually training employees with this knowledge, not just in the healthcare industry, but in all industries.

Training employees on how they can recognize suspicious content and protect themselves of falling victim to these cyber criminal’s scams, it absolutely essential.

Are you in the healthcare industry? Are you worried that you are not providing your employees with the proper armor to protect themselves? Reach out to us today to learn more about how your IT company can suit up with you in the battle of the cybersecurity world.

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