Healthcare Data Breaches, Ransomware Top Challenges in 2017

The latest Black Book poll (Read it here) of healthcare PR clients showed that physician satisfaction and medico-legal problems are no longer the key concerns, and that 2017 will see a higher focus on technological and financial issues. This includes data breaches, system failures, hacking, ransomware, and a disrupted flow of financial records.

Predictions for 2017 indicate that healthcare data breaches and ransomware attacks will continue to be major challenges for entities.

The healthcare industry will likely continue to be plagued by technological issues, such as healthcare data breaches and ransomware attacks, going into next year, according to recent predictions.

Other key highlights:

  • Approximately 1,900 executive level officers from 334 hospitals, 218 physician groups and ambulatory organizations, and 107 payers were interviewed for the survey.
  • The top concern from respondents was potential catastrophes caused by technology-related events.
  • Following that, the other main worries cited were financial issues, patient dissatisfaction events, nursing staff issues, clinical and disease emergencies, hospital performance outcomes and patient safety mishaps, and social media impacts.
  • 92 percent of providers and 90 percent of payers said they do not have assessments and/ or contingency plans in place to handle the aftermath of data breaches, infectious diseases, malicious and criminal activity, or thefts and workplace violent events from outside parties.
  • 98 percent of surveyed hospitals and 71 percent of surveyed payer organizations recognized they have not yet done this, but need to integrate mobile.



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