Guest Post: Scammer, Meet Hacker

Kyle Bubp from Savage Security recently wrote a three part blog post series highlighting a real-world scam targeted at us, The IT Company. Here's the basic background:

A few months ago we were targeted by overseas scammers in a unique and interesting way. The scammers didn't as much target The IT Company, as they posed as The IT Company in an attempt to target and scam innocent job seekers throughout the US. In fact, in a couple of situations they were successful. We were eventually looped in as the unsuspecting job seekers contacted our HR department thinking they had secured a job, or beginning to smell that it was a scam. At that point we began working to stop them, educate the public and even engage with the scammers in an attempt to catch and stop them. Thankfully we did eventually stop them from targeting us specifically, at least for now. We did this mostly by educating people through our website on what was happening and by engaging the scammer directly so that they knew we were aware of their attempts. We learned a lot through the process, and so can you.

So, check the series out here. It's a good download on how scammers work in the dark web shadows to attempt to "sucker" innocent people into giving up information, and ultimately cash.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

October 31st, 2017 |Categories: Social Engineering, Scammers, Savage Security, Dark Web, CEO Fraud

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