Five for Five: 5 Updates You Can Read in 5 Minutes

Check out these 5 highlights from November!

Cybercrime is Advancing Far Quicker than Companies are Adopting New Security

At this point, you have probably implemented some of the basic security requirements like MFA and secure passwords.  But cybercrime is advancing far quicker than most companies are adopting new security technologies. 

In talking with many of our customers and helping them through cyber insurance renewals and in some unfortunate situations dealing with cyber insurance claims – the next iteration of security requirements is going to include advanced security software.  

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Can I.T. Give You a Competitive Advantage?

If you believe you can’t leverage technology to improve your business, then you are right.

There is an extreme competitive advantage to businesses who see, understand and believe the value of IT and the outcomes it can bring their business.

IT is one of the best opportunities for leverage to accelerate business growth, expansion, profit, sales, efficiency, and effectiveness. You have the opportunity right now to gain an edge by understanding how technology can accelerate your goals.

Mid-market companies have been leveraging technology by bringing IT to the leadership table so they can align business objectives with their technology. As a small business, it is time to do the same.  But unfortunately we hear small business leaders say statements such as, “IT is just a necessary evil.”

While they’re right- IT is necessary in today’s world, it doesn’t have to be a negative. It’s when you choose to see IT as evil and just a necessity, you fail to get the full value out of your technology.

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Your Relationship with Technology Isn't Working... Here's Why

Do you find yourself constantly frustrated with technology? Is technology just a necessity in operating your business?

It's time to start switching the conversation.

  1. Don’t focus on number of tickets or how they reactively are helping, but rather focus on what they are doing to proactively.
  2. Align your IT goals with your business goals. 
  3. Utilize your platforms and devices so you can get the most out of technology.

At The IT Company, we want to understand not just your technology needs, but your business needs so they can help you scale. Our focus is not only to minimize your IT problems, but to help you leverage technology to take your business further, faster. 

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 Dale Widmer of Petro's




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Stay tuned for upcoming episodes featuring Steve Diggs of Emerald Youth Foundation and J Retinger of BioPet Labs


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Customer Success 

We are proud and excited for Johnson and Galyon and the completion of their recent project. Check out this article featuring the work they did on the East Tennessee Children's Hospital's new emergency department.

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