Five for Five: 5 Updates You Can Read in 5 Minutes

As May wraps up- check out these 5 highlights from the month!

Why Cyber Security Should Be in Your Strategic Plan

Does the whole idea of Cyber Security scare and confuse you? That’s part of what the “bad guys” are hoping for: fear and confusion. The IT Company has partnered with The C12 Group and Allevia Technology, to help demystify the fear and confusion around cyber-threats and information security.

At this seminar designed for business owners and executives, we will discuss practical ways to increase information security and how to implement ideas for protection into your business strategy.

Come join us June 4th as Paul Sponcia of The IT Company and Stefan Wilson of Allevia Technology take us through this important topic, break it down, and simplify it for us. 

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A Cyberattack on the Fuel Pipeline... What Does That Mean to You as a Business Leader?

If you are like most business leaders, the flood of news this month surrounding the cyberattack on the fuel pipeline left you concerned if your business is at risk of similar cyber crimes.

The answer is yes- you are at risk. In today’s technology centered world, you are not safe in cyberspace- and it is no longer a matter of if you could experience a cyberattack, but when you will experience one.

So what does this mean to you as a business leader? What can you be doing? What can you be asking yourself?

  • Is your technology aligned with your strategic plan?
  • Does your strategic plan assume breach?
  • Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place.
  • Have you had conversation with your Managed Service Provide- what are the steps they are taking and you need to be taking to mitigate these threats?
  • Are you continually educating yourself and your employees on security awareness and the best security practices?

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How Can You Use Healthcare Compliance Not Just as a Requirement, but as an Advantage?

As a physician there's a good chance you did not go to medical school to be a business owner, and you likely don't enjoy having to handle all of the pieces that go into Healthcare Compliance. But the reality is, Healthcare Compliance is not going anywhere and is a huge component of the healthcare industry. So how can you use it as an advantage and allow it to be something that helps you to do what you are already doing, but do it even better?


CEO of The IT Company, Paul Sponcia joined Ian Hennessey, Healthcare Attorney at London Amburnin a four part video series discussing ways to turn the lens to view Healthcare Compliance as not just a regulation, but as an asset to your business, become an advantage and a form of strong protection

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Made Right Here- Podcast Series

Made Right Here has officially launched. Check out the first few episodes now! Made Right Here is available on Apple and Pandora, as well as YouTube. Be sure to follow Made Right Here on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and links to the episodes!

New to Made Right Here? We're bringing you the stories of East Tennessee founders, builders and creators! From the idea behind it, to the impact it had on their employees, the community and their personal lives, we are taking you behind the scenes of the movements they built. 

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Celebrating Customer Success 

We love joining our customer's in celebrating their wins, good news and impact.

We are extremely excited for and proud of the ways YWCA Knoxville and the Tennessee Valley continues to serve our community. The Boyd family has gifted YWCA with $1 Million to support their ongoing campaign to renovate their aging building and continue growing their women's program. Read more about it here!

Another incredibly impactful success is for the work George Armour Ewart Architectis doing on the renovation of Claude Walker Park. The Emerald Youth Foundationwas   $1.6 Million has been gifted toward the transformation of Claude Walker Park. Such an amazing thing happening for the East Knoxville community! Read more about it here!


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