Five for Five: 5 Updates You Can Read in 5 Minutes

March has come and gone, and we're bringing you 5 important topics from this month to aid in the ongoing success of your business!

Made Right Here- Podcast Series

Made Right Here has officially launched. Check out the first few episodes now! Made Right Here is available on Apple and Pandora, as well as YouTube. Be sure to follow Made Right Here on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and links to the episodes!

New to Made Right Here? We're bringing you the stories of East Tennessee founders, builders and creators! From the idea behind it, to the impact it had on their employees, the community and their personal lives, we are taking you behind the scenes of the movements they built. 

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One username, one all it takes for your security to come crashing down.

It was recently reported that Verkada, a company that sells security cameras, was hacked. The cybercriminals methods of hacking were not advanced and it was reported that they simply found an admin username and password “publicly exposed” on the internet. Once they had the administrative account information, they were able to access deeper into the network, with ease.

The hackers now had access to live surveillance feeds of over 150,000 surveillance cameras.

Why is this important to you? The recent surveillance breach should be a reminder to us all how easily hackers can gain access to thousands of pieces from 1 simple username and password. It took one username and one password for many businesses, and even more individuals, to be exposed.

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Many businesses fail to understand the necessity of this one simple thing...

Many businesses fail to understand the necessity of this one simple thing, and it ends up costing them a LOT of time and money. What is it? Logging and log retention.

Too often we hear the lack of log retention comes down to the cost. The expense of storing security logs can be costly due to the amount of information being stored and the duration of storing it. But this security piece is not one you can afford to skip out on to save money.  

If you are not effectively implementing logging and log retention strategies, you need to be.  

Not sure where to start? Here are a few places to begin:

  • Understand what types of sensitive data you are storing. 
  • Have knowledge of what systems are you storing the data in
  • Understand what logging capabilities you have
  • Understand the specific logging requirements for your 
    • i.e. HIPAA, PCI, CUI.

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Healthcare Compliance Video Series

We are excited to announce our upcoming video series- featuring Ian Hennessey of London & Amburn. Join us in the upcoming weeks as Paul Sponcia and Ian dive into Healthcare Compliance. The series includes discussion on:

  • Why is it important? 
  • An overview of what exactly HIPPAA Compliance is. 
  • Data Flow Mapping
  • A practical approach you should be taking.

If you are in the healthcare industry this video series is not something you want to miss! Stay tuned for links to the videos!

Do You Want to Minimize Unplanned Expenses on Technology?

It’s time to stop reactively fixing computers as an issue arises or breaks, and instead proactively be replacing computers annually.

Having your machines under warranty and replacing them annually is critical. Why? In simplest terms:
  •  To ensure that when computers have a hardware or software/driver issue, there is a vendor we can contact to get the problem solved. ( we have manufacture pro-support in the agreement to ensure we aren’t spending 8 hours on the phone to the middle east trying to convince somebody there is a problem)
  • To ensure all the machines are a reasonable age to a. minimize the number of issues they have, b. increase downtime caused by issues, and c. reduce loss of productivity due to slow old computers.

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