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Your Whole Network is Encrypted, Now What?

In the world we live in, one wrong click from the person who just started working at your company a few weeks ago (or any of your employees), and you could find yourself in this exact situation.  This could happen to any of you!  And if you do not have these plans in place, the impact of an event like Ransomware can cause to your company could be catastrophic.  

The average amount of downtime for Ransomware is believed to be around 16 days. Those are companies that DO NOT have a plan. The thought of your entire organization being down for over two weeks is scary, but having a plan in place can significantly shorten the amount of time you spend recovering. Spending time planning can save you time in the long run. 

 So, how do you get prepared? 

  1. Talk about this at a leadership level. 
  2. Spend the time and dollars to develop these plans 
  3. Practice.  Practice.  Practice.   

Read more about how you can plan and what it should look like if you are prepared for a scenario like this.

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3 Ways to Get the Most out of Microsoft Teams

We commonly see people using Microsoft Teams, but just barely scratching the surface of what it can bring to your company. Microsoft Teams is an extremely powerful platform with the ability to leverage the success and efficiency of your business. Understanding it’s capabilities is the first step in using it to it’s full advantage.

Here are 3 ways to get the most out of Microsoft Teams.

  • Use it as a centralized location.
  • Integrate applications.
  • Collaborate with people outside of your organization. 

For more detail read our full blog!

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How Can You Avoid Surprises in Technology?

When you hear the word surprise, you may associate it with something positive like the excitement that comes with a surprise birthday party or watching kids open presents on Christmas morning.  When it comes to your business, surprises are NOT a good thing, especially when it involves the technology your business leverages for success.  Avoiding surprises in technology is not a complicated process, it just requires some intentional planning and discipline.

Here are a few fundamental concepts you need to be continually thinking of to avoid surprises and ensure you are setup for success: 

  • Eliminate Technical Debt.
  • Know when to upgrade your systems. 
  • Secure everything.
  • When disaster strikes, have a plan for how you will recover.

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Made Right Here- Podcast Series

Paul Sponcia continues to tell the stories of East Tennessee's founders, builder and creators. East Tennessee has really incredible people, with really incredible stories. If you haven't already, check it out now!

Made Right Here is available on Apple and Pandora, as well as YouTube. Be sure to follow Made Right Here on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and links to the episodes!

New to Made Right Here? We're bringing you the stories of East Tennessee founders, builders and creators! From the idea behind it, to the impact it had on their employees, the community and their personal lives, we are taking you behind the scenes of the movements they built. 

Listen to Made Right Here

Community Highlight 

This month The IT Company had the honor of joining other people in the Knoxville community for the American Heart Association's Leader's Breakfast. 

We love having the opportunity to get involved in our community and support incredible organizations. Thank you to the American Heart Association for hosting such a great breakfast! 



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