Five for Five: 5 Updated You Can Read in 5 Minutes

The first month of 2021 has come to a close. We hope that the new year has been of to a fresh and great start! Here's 5 important things that have been happening this month. 

8 Practical Security Steps You Need to be Taking

Right now there is a very serious hidden war happening in the world of Cyber. A war that will affect you,if it hasn't already. Last week the world was alerted to the news that the Russian government, through state sponsored actors, used an extremely sophisticated and long term cyber espionage tactic that compromised the US Government, in particular the US Department of Treasury and Commerce, as well as one of the leading cybersecurity firms in the world, FireEye. 

No business, government, non-profit or other organization is safe and the possibility of this affecting you is very real and very serious. What are you doing to mitigate the threat and to prepare for the likelihood of an incident occurring?

We have created a list of practical steps you need to be taking, if you are not already.

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Made Right Here- Podcast Series

We are excited to announce the launch of a new podcast series. Made Right Here kicks off on February 1st. We're bringing you the stories of East Tennessee founders, builders and creators! From the idea behind it, to the impact it had on their employees, the community and their personal lives, we are taking you behind the scenes of the movements they built. 

Made Right Here will be available on Apple, Spotify, Google and Pandora as well as YouTube. Follow Made Right Here on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and links to the episodes!

6 Worst Hacks of 2020

2020 was a wild year in most aspects. The cyber world was no exception.

The past year the use of technology escalated quickly when the world was forced to transition to an extremely virtual world, and cyber criminals took advantage of that as an opportunity to attack. Many businesses, small and large, were targeted and impacted by cybercrimes this year. Check out and learn more about the 6 worst hacks of the year!

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Are You Thinking About Security When it Comes to Distance Learning?

We've shared many updates, tips and best security practices for those working from home. But what about your children's virtual world? Many people are falling short in the awareness of the risks coinciding with distance learning. Kids, parents and teachers should be aware that distance learning is largely at risk for cyber crimes. Here are some tips on what you can, and should, be doing!

  • Talk to your kids. Tell them never to click on a link without your permission.
  • If you become aware of something concerning, alert your school for further direction.
  • If your school doesn't generate passwords for your child, help your child create a strong password for each system they are using. Do not repeat any passwords across different platforms. 
  • Update device software when available. 
  • Ensure you are following best security practices for your personal uses and business uses. 

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Do You Want to Minimize Unplanned Expenses on Technology?

It’s time to stop reactively fixing computers as an issue arises or breaks, and instead proactively be replacing computers annually.

Having your machines under warranty and replacing them annually is critical. Why? In simplest terms:
  •  To ensure that when computers have a hardware or software/driver issue, there is a vendor we can contact to get the problem solved. ( we have manufacture pro-support in the agreement to ensure we aren’t spending 8 hours on the phone to the middle east trying to convince somebody there is a problem)
  • To ensure all the machines are a reasonable age to a. minimize the number of issues they have, b. increase downtime caused by issues, and c. reduce loss of productivity due to slow old computers.

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