Five for Five- 5 Updates You Can Read in 5 Minutes

As July comes to an end, we’re bringing you the most important information from the past month! Read the most recent updates you need to know for the ongoing success of your business.

Microsoft 365 Assessment 

Are you using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams? Has your organization configured it correctly? Has it been secured properly? Are you utilizing the correct licensing or are you paying for stuff you don't need? Take our Microsoft 365 Training and Webinars a step further. Get more information on requesting a Microsoft 365 assessment from The IT Company today!

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Navigating How to Sell in the Midst of the Pandemic

As you continue to embrace the changes brought on by COVID-19, you likely are navigating the best ways to continue selling while being sensitive to the social and economic crisis. The IT Company's Business Development Manager, Kenneth Herring, joined three local sales professionals in discussing how to continue selling but selling differently during this time. Focusing on the challenges sales professionals are facing, methods to continue selling and helping customers succeed, and ways to stay top of mind for future buyers- listen to how local sales professionals are working through the changes presented to us all.

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The IT Company is About Trust

Choosing an IT provider you can trust is so valuable. At The IT Company, we are humbled to be someone you can count on. We recently completed a case study for one of our customers, Team Technologies. Prior to making a switch to The IT Company, they were spending their time on dealing with IT issues, that continually interfered with their productivity. Networks not working with one another, network printing issues and various other issues that had been unresolved for years. After taking over their IT department, we were able to become a trusted extension of their team making their IT work for them, not against them and help optimize their business outcomes.

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Opportunities and Challenges for Non-Profits Presented by COVID-19

At The IT Company we have years of experience providing IT services to local non-profit organizations. Now more than ever, non-profits are working vigorously to fill the gaps for children and people all over. Like all industries, COVID-19 has presented unique opportunities and challenges for non-profits. In another webinar discussion, Kenneth Herring spoke with Brent Waugh of Big Brothers Big Sistersand Nicole Chandler of The Change Center, to hear how they are managing the changes presented. Both Brent and Nicole shared the best advice they have for non-profits.

  1. Take care of your people. Check in frequently with your staff. How they are doing and how you can help them is so important.
  2. Lean on your board for suggestions, ideas and help.
  3. Practice self-care. Set aside time for yourself. Create boundaries of your work and personal life. In the business of serving others, you have to fill your own cup before you can fill other’s.
  4. Keep up the good work. None of this is easy and there are so many challenges, but the non-profit community has such a platform to step up here.

Listen to the full discussion to hear more about what non-profits are doing and how our community can help.

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Aligning IT- The IT Company's Podcast Series

The IT Company team members have been spending time with experts of the Knoxville community to provide a series of topics relevant to your business. Conversations surrounding COVID-19 and how it is impacting our work world, sales and setting up your business for success, full recordings of webinars and more! We are excited to launch our podcast series to you! 

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