Employee Interview- Savannah Bass

Meet The IT Company’s team member- Savannah Bass!

Last March, Savannah was paired with The IT Company through a contractor company called Belay. Belay takes employees through an interview process and then sets them up with companies that match their skillset. Prior to Belay, Savannah had worked for a tech startup company in Seattle as a Technical Product Manager, where she primarily developed mobile applications. Her background and love for technology are how she ended up being paired with us!

As of November 1st, Savannah transitioned into the role of Operations Administrator as an official employee of The IT Company! Savannah takes care of the majority of the behind the scenes operations that make The IT Company run properly. A lot of her role is support. She takes care of ordering products for a project or ordering any product customers may ask for. She takes care of all sorts of different administrative things such as ordering more supplies for the office, ordering food for team lunch training, and creating workflows to implement and maintain within the company.

Another primary role Savannah has is managing the billing to any customers. If one of customers has a question or concern about their bill, Savannah interacts with them directly to make sure they get taken care of in a timely manner.

Although Savannah works from home while she resides in Clemson, South Carolina, her favorite thing about working for The IT Company, is the team aspect. While rarely gets to work with her colleagues in person, she has never once felt like she wasn’t a part of the team at The IT Company. Savannah explained that while she has only worked at The IT Company for a short period of time, it was immediately evident that everyone is there to help one another and work together. A lot of the technical things happening at The IT Company are over Savannah’s head, but she has never felt chastised or made fun of for asking questions.

Savannah said it is really cool to see the way another technical company runs and interacts with one another. She enjoys seeing the current process The IT Company has and working alongside the team to improve what we are already doing.

Savannah’s long term goal for working at The IT Company is simplicity. She loves the idea of helping others, whether customers or other team members, be able to do their job more simply. She wants to make every step of the process so that everyone involved is informed and ready for the next steps.

When she’s not working, Savannah enjoys renovating her townhome with her husband, going on runs with her dog, and attending Clemson Football games. Savannah shared with us just how thankful she is for the opportunity she has been given at The IT Company. We are even more thankful for her and all she is doing for our team!

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