Are You Thinking About Security When it Comes to Distance Learning?

As the world continues to navigate COVID-19, the virtual world remains a huge part of our daily lives. 

We've shared many updates, tips and best security practices for those working from home. But what about your children's virtual world? Many people are falling short in the awareness of the risks coinciding with distance learning. Kids, parents and teachers should be aware that distance learning is largely at risk for cyber crimes. 

Last week the FBI released a warning stating cyber criminals are looking to exploit online classrooms. Whether your student is currently in the classroom physically or is attending virtually- the reality is at some point they may be at risk of a cyber attack. 

There has been a drastic increase in the amount of people accessing platforms through schools, as well as an increase in parent interaction online. Because of this, the number of ransomware attacks against schools is increasing. In December, the FBI reported a 30% increase in attacks against schools. 

Cyber criminals are notorious for targeting areas that are being used at a high volume. Targeting distance learning is exactly that. 

So what can you do?

  • Talk to your kids. Tell them never to click on a link without your permission.
  • If you become aware of something concerning, alert your school for further direction.
  • If your school doesn't generate passwords for your child, help your child create a strong password for each system they are using. Do not repeat any passwords across different platforms. 
  • Update device software when available. 
  • Ensure you are following best security practices for your personal uses and business uses. 
As we often say, security awareness is critical. Not only in the workplace, but in all areas of technology use. 


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