Cyber Defense Planning and Disaster Recovery

Have you or someone you know ever been a victim of a cyber attack? Do you fear cyber crimes and how to prevent them? Do you know how to plan a defense against them? Do you have knowledge on how to recover from an attack?

This Thursday, August 23rd, The IT Company’s Cody Crowell is speaking at the Knoxville Bar Association’s Corporate Ethics & Updates event. Cody will be presenting a 45 minute topic on Cyber Defense Planning and Disaster Recovery. At The IT Company we love having the opportunity to speak to people and inform them as much as we can.

Cody’s discussion will be centered around the idea that there is no silver bullet for defending against cyber attacks and cyber crime and that there is no one-stop answer for recovering from an attack. However we believe knowledge is power, and by informing yourself, you can take a large step in defending yourself.

Cody will be informing the audience of the background behind the topic. To help the audience, Cody will be discussing that defense and recovery are functions of:

  1. Organizational awareness and planning.
  2. Risk management.
  3. Policy, procedures and controls.
  4. Corresponding technology.
  5. Accountability.
  6. Ongoing simulation, training and modification.

Additionally, he will be taking the audience through a brief training, and discussing the three major components of CIS Controls- Basic, Foundational and Organizational. Each of these components will be further broken down and explained in sub categories.

After Cody’s presentation, we will be posting an opportunity to download a handout from the event that will walk you through steps to check your company’s cyber defense plan and plan for disaster recovery. Stay tuned! We feel this handout will be extremely beneficial.

If this information is something you feel you need help with, reach out to us! One of our jobs at The IT Company is to keep our customers safe from attacks like these and we are happy to help you.

August 21st, 2018 |Categories: Disaster Recovery, Technology, Security, Cyber Defense

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