Customer Interview- Chris Perry

McCarty Holsaple McCarty Architects & Interior Designers, Inc. (MHM) is a company that depends heavily on their computers and network. Architects and Designers are some of most heavy computer users that we see. As you might imagine, they rely on their computers working, and working fast. Chris Perry is the IT manager and Job Captain. For the past 12 years, we have been on the same team as Chris, working towards the common goal of defeating technology problems.

What does MHM do?

MHM is an architectural and interior design firm. We design buildings and retro fit, and we also do the interior design, furniture, and furniture systems.

What is your role at MHM?

My role is IT manager and Job Captain. I manage the servers, the towers, the televisions, cellphones or tablets. Basically, all electronics that connect to the network.

How is IT important to your business? How do you use it? 

IT is our backbone, we all use network shares, we have our project folders, of course we use heavy software, we are Autodesk users, so we need high-end towers with quality processors and graphics cards to do our daily work for our clients. 

So, is it fair to say that if your IT is not functioning or is down completely, there is a lack of productivity? a lack of making money?

That is correct. There is a lack of billing the client, nothing works at all. 

When you call ITCo, or come by the office how do the employees make you feel?

Oh, like family, we've known each other long enough it’s like family. I usually spend about 15 min trying to resolve an issue and if I can't get it, I put in the ticket. then one of the guys will call me quickly and then disperse the ticket to a tech and we are moving forward, smooth transition. 

If you had to describe The IT Company to someone in just a few words, what would you say?

Wow...knowledge & consistency. I've been with you guys long enough, I think you guys are the best IT company in Knoxville. That’s my opinion. I know of others and they keep knocking on my door but I'm not going to entertain any other offers, there is just no reason to. 

For MHM, we are able to provide the back-up support that Chris needs to thrive in his job. No one wants to have to call the IT guy, because that means something isn’t working. How nice would it be to have a full IT department working alongside you during these moments of frustration? And what if when you called, they treated you well, did not use “geek speak”, and made your job easier?


April 17th, 2018 |Categories: Interview, People, Customer Satisfaction, Customer, IT provider

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