Customer Interview- Brandy Williams

At most companies, there is at least one person that gets sucked into fighting daily battles with computers, phones and printers. Did you draw that short straw? Or know someone that did? What if there was a way you could shuck that responsibility? What if you could take that time and spend it on a growing your business, closing the book on a big project, or implementing a new process that makes your business more successful?

This is Brandy’s story of what happened after her company, Design Innovation Architects, selected the IT Company to help them with this very problem.

What does DIA do?

We do architecture, interior design & planning.

How is IT important to DIA?

It touches everything that we do, from client relations to cranking drawings out to meetings...we have meetings from local meetings to Abu Dhabi, we have clients everywhere. If we don't have technology in place and working correctly, we cannot function.

When IT isn't functioning, is it difficult to serve clients, make money, etc.?

It’s impossible. It is impossible to do our job without technology at this point.

What are some differences you noticed after switching to IT Co from your previous provider?

What IT is actually supposed to be. You don't have...for me personally it’s kind of different from other DIA employees. Because before, I was trying to fix everything, I was trying to stay on top of IT, trying to know all that stuff as well as do my normal job. I was never paid as an IT person, I never even attempted to be an IT person. So, to relieve myself from having to take on the responsibilities and stay on top of all that stuff and be knowledgeable, quote unquote of IT and everything associated with it - to not deal with all that stuff is amazing. I find myself with time now, I have time. I can do my job efficiently and effectively whereas before I was putting out fires all the time.

Were there any surprises after the switch?

It just works, it can be in place and it can be a tool that is not looked down on, it’s actually a tool that helps. and to have a partner that is readily available to assist when we need help. Its priceless; don't tell Paul that...or Lora.

Before you switched, was there a lot of downtime?

Days, a lot of frustration. Some things would just never get resolved. we would just have to find a work-around or figure something else out. I don't know why those issues were but it was just different cases.

If your company had not chosen to implement the ITCo, what would your day to day schedule look like?

Prior to implementing the ITCo, my time was unscheduleable (yes I know that is not a word, that’s how bad it was). Not having to be responsible for ensuring the inevitable emergency IT issue(s) has dramatically changed my time and schedule to the point that I find myself having the time to enjoy a work life balance that I was never honestly able to experience before. I will never be able to get back the hours / days / nights / evenings / weekends that I spent trying to resolve problems that I am fully confident would have taken ITCo staff minutes to fix.

How do IT Co employees make you feel when you call in or they are on site?

Most of the time, like we are the only client. Obviously when downtown is without power or internet, it is clear we are not the only client but most of the time, at least I speak for myself, If I have a problem it feels like I am the only person that person is dealing with. They may be doing ten other tickets at the same time but it doesn't feel that way.

If you had to describe the IT Co in one or two sentences, what would you say?

The Best IT Company in Knoxville. There are other choices, it’s not the cheapest option but you get what you pay for. This is the only option as far as we are concerned.

Once Brandy had chosen to implement the IT Company, she was ultimately given more time in her daily schedule. This extra time has allowed Brandy to take her primary role of Projects and Operations Manager off the back burner and make it her true focus. Brandy is now able to keep the IT services up and running, while maintaining this focus. The combination of these two elements allow for Design Innovation Architects to produce and provide excellent service and design for their customers.

March 20th, 2018 |Categories: Interview, People, Customer Satisfaction, Customer, IT provider

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