COVID-19 Updated Policies and Procedures

We have been working over the past several weeks to develop a strategy for properly protecting our team, your team and our community as we all navigate the world with COVID-19. Considering the ongoing changes we are hearing and reading about, we wanted to be intentional to develop our own policies that are flexible but also consistent with the expectations and guidance and to ensure that we are doing our part for our work environment to abide by the recommended precautions as per the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Knox County Health Department and the Tennessee Department of Health, we have updated our polices surrounding COVID-19. As of today, June 22, these updated policies and procedures surrounding COVID-19 will be in effect.

What are the next steps at The IT Company?

  • We will be continuing to operate in a Hybrid capacity for the foreseeable future. Our employees will work from home and come into the office periodically as well.  
  • We are providing all employees with and educating them on personal protective equipment. Whether onsite for a customer or being in our own office, employees will continue to wear face masks and gloves, while also maintaining the recommended social distancing of 6 feet. 
  • When an employee is assigned to come onsite, they will be required to be fever free, present no flu-like symptoms within the past 14 days and have no knowledge of being around someone (including themselves) that has traveled outside of the country within 14 days.

Additionally, prior to a team member from The IT Company coming onsite,  we will be requiring confirmation from you that, to your knowledge, no employees at your office have a fever, have exhibited COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days and have not been in contact with anyone with symptoms or traveled outside the country within 14 days,

We will adhere to any special requests from you, the customer. If you want our team to take any special or extra pre-cautions while onsite, please let us know prior to a team member's arrival. 

The safety of our customers and our staff is our priority. While we understand that everyone has differing views related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we must take the proper precautions during this time. In many respects it may be inconvenient, and in some cases frustrating, but we believe taking extra-precautions will ensure that we all remain safe as we continue to work towards and wait for this to subside and we return to the new normal for our lives and businesses.

If you have any questions regarding our updated COVID-19 polices, please reach out to us directly via email at or contact us via phone at 865-392-9200. We are happy to discuss this plan with you in more detail.
June 22nd, 2020 |Categories: COVID-19, People, IT provider, COVID-19 Update, Policies, Procedures

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