Employee Interview- Chris Fanta

Chris Fanta had been a part of your IT Department for five and a half years. We love his compassion, genuine care for customers and dedication to the company.

Chris ended up at The IT Company in sort of a funny way. Chris began working at the Apple Store in West Town Mall from its opening day. He spent about 5 years there. As his family began to grow he was looking for a position outside of retail. Chris originally interviewed with Paul for a marketing position. He was potentially going to be doing video production and graphic design. About a year after his first interview with Paul, he was offered a technical position. He was tier one and handled a lot of phone calls coming in.

When Chris first began his position, he had never used a Windows computer. So it was definitely a learning process! After about a year and a half, Chris was moved up into the role of Systems Administrator Team Lead, which is the role he currently holds.

As a systems administrator, Chris handles a lot of the back end systems. Meaning he deals with things customers may not interact with directly all the time. His role includes monitoring and making sure that the Antivirus is up to date and working properly on all managed machines. He takes backups of all the servers The IT Company manages. He takes them daily, if not twice daily, to make sure that they are working and have actual information that can be restored. Chris also takes care of security changes, such as granting access to employees.

One of Chris’s favorite things about his position is recaching the end goal and getting to a resolution. Chris loves making a difference for the customer. Being able to say “look what we have done!” Chris interacts with customers daily, but as he has gotten more experiences, he can take care of a lot behind the scenes without having to bother the customer. Even when he isn’t directly talking to the customer throughout the process he still finds fulfillment in being able to update the them via email that something has been taken care of.

Being a part of a small team like The IT Company has a lot of benefits as well as challenges. Chris Fanta loves the collaborative work at The IT Company. He says that when he has something to say, it is always taken seriously. “The people at The IT Company take the information given to them equally, no matter who says it. Everyone is willing to help out and take on roles that might not necessarily be theirs.”

Chris and his wife have two children. Outside of work he loves spending time with them. He also enjoys road biking.

At The IT Company, CEO Paul Sponcia encourages the team to be great in every aspect. We asked Chris how he pushes himself to be great. He shared that it’s as simple as being mindful. He said he challenges himself to take a moment in each interaction to try and figure out what could be better. Thinking to himself “How can I dominate the problem at hand?” supports The IT Company’s value of being great in every way we can.

Chris Fanta is an integral part of your IT department. He shared his gratitude for Paul and for his position at The IT Company, but he doesn’t realize just how thankful we are to have him!

March 19th, 2019 |Categories: Systems Admin, Employee Interview, IT Department

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