Struggling to Build Connections in the Midst of Social Distancing?

Are you struggling to build connections in the midst of social distancing?

Networking, lunch meetings and social connection are such a big component of businesses today. With the current situation, building connections undoubtedly challenging. The IT Company’s Kenneth Herring talked with Alex Abell about his award winning platform that is allowing for relational connection despite the challenges we all are facing.

Lunchpool- was created before the pandemic began, originally with the intention of expanding employees “pool” of people to connect with. While in the office “you usually eat alone or go with your regular crew of people. But what about all the other people you may not naturally join over lunch? Lunchpool was created to make your lunch pool everyone and bring opportunities to meet others.”

Entrepreneur Alex Able kicked off this platform in hopes to connect people and to make everyone feel like they have a seat at the table.

Fast forward to when the pandemic began, Lunchpool recognized the opportunity to use their platform help people build connections during the necessary social distancing requirements.

Alex and his team continue to find ways to use their platform in different ways during the pandemic- throwing around ideas such trivia, karoke, singles events, galas and more. But one way they’ve already rolled out their platform is through virtual networking.

Lunchpool has created “table networking” in browsers. It runs similar to in person networking events. Each browser hosting a different “table.” Users can hop around from browser to browser interacting with only the people at that table. It mimics what you would expect in a real life networking event.

Lunchpool also is hosting virtual events. Setting up the technology and services of pre-event, day of event and analytics following the event. Alex shared that they aren’t looking to compete with platforms such as Zoom, but rather to be a network of people working together to build something that changes the world in it’s present circumstances. More than anything, they are positioning themselves against in person experiences. They aim to give people and experience of in person events.

Alex shared his thoughts with us on the importance of human connection. He emphasized that as people we need human connection and the pandemic has opened many people’s eyes to the vitalness of this interaction.

Lunchpool will continue to find the best uses for their platform, long after the pandemic. But for the time being, they are using it to make a positive difference help the people who need it most and do what they can to support people and businesses.

Building connections is imperative to the success of your business and for the well-being individually. Lunchpool is an incredible way to continue building those connections despite the many restrictions our world is facing.

Watch Kenneth's full Interview with Alex!

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