Are You Watching Your Network?

Did you know?

The average hacker lays dormant on your network, watching you for 200 days before they strike?

What is your business doing to protect yourself during the 200 days that the attacker is preparing to attack? If an attacker is watching your network, you should be too.

Here’s the deal- when a hacker gains access to your network, they rarely start stealing your data and personal information right away. Instead they act in steal mode, just getting a foothold into your network. Then, while monitoring your network for the next few months, they look for ways that they can exploit your weakest defenses, in order to spread into other parts of your network or systems. By systematically manipulating their way deeper into your network, they attempt to gain even more valuable information or to rachet up the amount of harm for their planned attack. The longer an attacker is in your network, the more intrusive the attack will become.

So, who’s watching your network? If you are not but the bad guys are, then you’ve got a big problem on your hand. By the way, monitoring your network isn’t just the old school way of knowing when something goes up or down. It is the complicated art of looking and inspecting all the traffic and data passing back and forth, sending out “hunts” to look for footholds, and watching for odd behavior through human monitoring, machine learning and automated intelligence. Don’t be fooled to think you are protected, the old systems don’t work anymore. You need systems that will monitor your network not just for the known stuff, but for the unknown, so that you can catch the predator before they pounce.

Our mission is Happy Customers, customers who get ransomware, get infiltrated or hacked aren’t happy customers. Contact us to learn more about what we are doing to increase our reach and do the deep monitoring, so you can sleep easy at night.


November 13th, 2018 |Categories: Monitor, Malware, Technology, Attacker, Security, Are You Watching, IT Companies

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