Why You Should Not Be Using an Android

While iOS phones are the more “popular” sensation within today’s world, many people still use other products. When it comes to any device that has access to your personal or work data, it is highly important to keep yourself safe. Which is why we are here to tell you that you should not be using an Android.

Many people view the controversy of iOS verses Android as being a popularity contest. I have often heard it said, “they do the same thing, it’s just a different brand of phone.” But it is actually quite the opposite. The difference in iOS verses Android is not the same difference in whether your button-down shirt is from Target or Ralph Lauren. If you are using an Android, your information is at a much greater risk than those using iOS. And, it’s not just that.  There is a clear difference in the value of an iOS device, and the experience of iOS exceeds the experience of an Android device.

So what is it that makes Android such a poor product?

  1. Security and Privacy

The security on an Android is not good. Simple as that. While there are risks of being hacked on any device, the amount of Malware written for Android devices is much higher than any other device. The 2015 Mobile Threat Report stated the “97% of all mobile Malware threats were aimed at Android.” Another site stated that what makes Apple products so much more secure than Android is that they do not release their source codes. Without the source code, it is extremely difficult to jailbreak into phones. Think about it – when was the last time you ever heard of a security vulnerability on an iOS device?  (the answer is likely never!)

  1. Value

Apple products get the bum rap that they are more expensive.  If you compare just the purchase price, you would buy into this point of view.  But, consider the value of your device down the road.  iOS devices hold their value.  When you upgrade, you will see a difference.  And think about support.  With AppleCare, repairs are much more straightforward, and less costly.  Oh – and you can take an iOS device to your local Apple store and fix nearly anything that needs to be fixed.  Convenient and less costly – that’s value.

  1. Usability

We rely on our mobile devices for nearly all aspects of our daily lives.  We need a device that is straightforward, and works all the time.  When there is an upgrade to the OS, it needs to be simple, fast, and effective.  iOS devices clearly better meet these needs.  And what is a mobile device if the applications don’t facilitate your daily life?  iOS apps are more usable, more available (and available sooner), and more relevant to your daily life.  Lastly, there is integration.  iOS devices are more compatible with all other Apple products – giving you a consistent and seamless experience across all of your platforms.  Android devices make you work harder to integrate.

As we always say, our job at The IT Company is to keep our customers safe and happy. By informing you all why Android is a poor product, we are hopeful to do just that. Take our word that you should not be using an Android. By eliminating the usage of Android, you lessen safety risks, increase usability and accessibility, and get more out of your purchase.

August 7th, 2018 |Categories: Android, Malware, iOS, Technology, Technology Topic, Security

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