Microsoft 365 Webinar- Getting the Most From What You Have

As working from home has been a new normal, Microsoft 365 has become an every day essential for businesses all over. But now that the rush to implement a remote workforce has settled, are you using Microsoft 365 to its full capability?

Join us this Thursday, June 18th, at 12:00 PM as we dive in to Microsoft 365, to help you extract value and greater outcomes from the product you are already paying for.

Our one hour webinar will be more than a surface level conversation about the features of Microsoft 365 and what they do. We will be getting in to the nuts and bolts of the platform and physically showing how to use the features of Microsoft 365. We intend to help you unlock the power of Microsoft 365 and effectively use it for your business.

The IT Company’s CEO Paul Sponcia and vCIO Cody Crowell will take you further than just using Microsoft 365 for chat, video and basic messaging. With 7 years of experience inside the 365 platform and 3 years of experience specific to Microsoft Teams, they have seen firsthand the efficiency that comes from using it to its full advantage. Paul and Cody will use their expertise to demonstrate how the functionality works, how to integrate things within Microsoft 365, tag people in conversations and files, share and comment on files, and how to manage content in a way that is easy and productive.

Focusing in on different features within Microsoft 365- such as Teams, Planner, Stream, OneNote and OneDrive- you will walk away from this webinar having unlocked the full potential and power of Microsoft 365 in a way that is controlled.

During the pandemic and the normalcy of working from home, The IT Company has seen an increase in questions about Teams, how to leverage it and how to use it. We are too commonly seeing people using Microsoft 365 but just barely scratching the surface of what it can bring to your company. And because of the rush to get it setup, we are seeing a large number of people self-deploying and self-managing the platform, causing potential security concerns. Without a well organized plan of deployment, the platform can become chaotic and hard to navigate. Scattered and unorganized data within Microsoft 365 can lead to real frustration.

We hope to provide Thursday’s attendees with practical knowledge on how to use Microsoft 365 and guide them to some “ah-ha” moments of how easy and efficient the platform can be. Join us in increasing the efficiency of your business through a tool you are already paying for. Let us walk you through using Microsoft 365 to its full capability and allowing it to increase your productivity, consequently bringing your business better outcomes and ending your frustrations.

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