Commercial businesses usually exist for one reason, to make a profit for the shareholders – that’s the goal as outlined in Eli Goldratt’s book “The Goal” – profit. While we may be solving a specific problem, and we may be very passionate about our business and solving that problem, in the end, turning a profit is the goal. That goal achieved as a result of the passion, the business model, and the problem the business is solving. As a matter of fact, being profitable ensures the long term viability of your business, and allows you to continue to do the work for the important problem you are solving, making profitability the most important aspect of a business.

So, how does an IT company help a business become more profitable? There are probably more than 5 ways, but these are the 5 we’ve identified through our business model.

For background, we help businesses (and the leaders, owners, etc.) who have grown frustrated with their current IT provider (in-house or outsourced) because that  provider has become complacent, less responsive, isn’t solving problems quickly, is slow to return calls, and has become less proactive making them unable to keep up and scale with the company. We do this by becoming your IT department to eliminate those worries and frustrations so you can focus on serving your clients and building a successful business. At the macro level that’s how we take the frustrations and worries away so you can focus on what’s important.

The 5 things inside of that are:

  1. FOCUS:We bring focus AND experience. Not only in the technology, but how it is used, applied, standardized. As well as how technology can both get out of the way WHILE being a tool to help accelerate your business. Here’s the thing, we focus exclusively on small and medium businesses and we ONLY do managed IT – nothing else. If someone asks us to do a special project and it isn’t for an existing customer or supporting the on-boarding of a customer, then we DO NOT do it. That focus allows us to perform at the highest maturity level, which translates in the speed, efficiency and effectiveness for your business. We’ve been at this as The IT Company since 2003, and our leadership has been at it since 1998 – we’ve been around the block.
  2. STANDARDIZATION: Our focus and corresponding maturity has led us to a hyper-vigilance in technology, policy and workflow standardization. Standardizing on specific technologies, building a repeatable model for on-boarding and service delivery, ensuring each customer is baselined to the standard and then managing those standards across ALL of our customersensures that each and every customer gets the best and fastest service; BUT this also ensures that we aren’t figuring it out each time. Because every customer has the same baseline standards, we can solve problems faster, identify issues faster and provide better “high-level” advice on how to take advantage of technology, which translates into speed, efficiency, effectiveness and improvements to your business.
  3. PEOPLE:Everyone says “our people are our most important asset” but we are serious about at a deep level. We only hire experienced team members (no less than 5 years) and run them through a rigorous (6 – 8 weeks) recruiting process that includes surveys, personality profiles, technical testing, and at a minimum three interviews with different team members from throughout the company. Once they are chosen we then put them through at least 6 weeks of internal training AND then everyone spends at least another 45 days on our service desk before moving into the job they were hired to do. This means you aren’t speaking with interns, folks just out of college or technical school or anyone who is “learning the technical” ropes – each team member is trained and has the experience to help you quickly, and get you back to doing what you are supposed to do to ensure the success of your own business.
  4. DISCIPLINE: We are disciplined in how we do things – which is reflected above. But one of the most important ways is in our discipline about how many new customers we take on, why we do that and then how we do it. We ONLY accept 12 to 16 new customers every year because we know that any more than that can significantly strain and redline the system, tax our team and then cause us to not provide the best support possible to our existing customers, and the best on-boarding experience for our new customers. This discipline translates back to the standardization mentioned above -every customer is on-boarded the same way, with the same tools, and the same processes to ensure that they are “standardized” and baselined so we can provide the best and fastest support possible. Why? So that you can serve your clients and be as profitable as you possibly can be.
  5. PROTECTED: Finally we go overboard in protecting our customers, and by protecting you it ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your systems, which protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your business. Which therefore allows you to service your clients, and continue to become more profitable.In today’s world where cybercrime is growing at hyper fast rates, no one is safe. We take protecting you seriously.

All five of these are coordinated and integrated together to help our customers be more successful, serve their customers and continually reach The Goal of being as profitable as they can be.

If you’re frustrated with your current IT situation, and tired of worrying about it then schedule some time to meet with us and reserve your spot as one of the next 12 to 16 customers before it’s too late!